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Nazih Ghadban (1955 - )
Born in Ras Baalbeck near the Assi River, north the temples of Baalbeck in Lebanon. Began to play the oud at an early age and continued his education in music at the National Conservatory of Beirut. Attained a degree in philosophy from the Lebanese university in 1982. Began manufacturing the oud instrument in 1976 in parallel with his teaching job in civics education. He attained popularity for oud manufacturing; famous singers and composers played his instruments.

The oud instruments he manufactured were known for the exterior beauty, precise manufacturing and clear acoustic sound. Mr. Ghadban is known also for his manufacturing of the Arabic “buzuk” in its different types and sizes, this instrument which resembles the mandolin in its looks, was played by the famous “prince of buzuk” Mohammed Adel Karim, Mohammed Matar and many others.

All of Ghadban’s instruments are hand made and are done according to the customers taste and need. Each oud holds a unique serial number and certificate that gives its exact qualities and description.