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Always keep your oud in its case when you are not using it, and clean the strings with a dry cloth as soon as you finish playing. This will remove any dirt, moisture or sweat and, more than anything else will help make the strings last longer.

Cleaning and Polishing Your Oud

  • Combined cleaner-polishers such as those made for use on household surfaces are suitable for synthetic oud finishes.
  • French-polish oud finishes must be cleaned with a damp cloth and a little vinegar or lemon oil, and then with a dry soft cloth.



Storing Your Oud

Although a fairly constant temperature of 20-21?c is desirable. It is more important to avoid sudden changes and extremes of temperature and humidity.

Ouds are more vulnerable than other musical instruments to change in humidity. During most normal use an oud should be kept at concert pitch so that there is an even tension on the strings, but if you intend to store an oud for a lengthy period, you should de-tune all the strings.

Traveling With Your Oud

Essentially, there are two options:

  • Take your oud on board with you and store it in a closet in the cabin
  • Ouds are frequently damaged in cargo holds, a proper hard case made by Nazih Ghadban is the only way to give guaranteed protection.


Nazih Ghadban´s Hard Case

It is made of wood enveloped with artificial leather outside, and covered with foam and soft lining inside to protect the finish, and to stop the oud moving around in transit.

The hard case made by Nazih protects an oud from knocks and from excessive moisture and damp. An excessively warm dry environment can be causing cracks. You can put a small "humidifier" inside the case to ensure that the air is not too dry.



 ABS Hard Case

I am offering my New Oud Hard Case.

My New ABS Oud Hard Case is ideal to keep your oud safe even in the bad wither circumstances or any sudden shocks.Its interior design fits all Oud sizes.

-Color :Black

-Weight :3.5kg-LengthxWidthxDepth : 89cmx42cmx29cm