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Nazih Ghadban OUDs are well known for their best quality of material and their impeccable craftmanship. They are warranted against defective materials and workmanship to the first owner only, provided the primary owner meets all conditions expressed herein.


Nazih Ghadban assumes liability only for the repair of the OUD or parts thereof. Warranty repair is defined as restoration to a condition in which the OUD functions to original standards, and does not include coverage or compensation for accidental or consequential damages.


Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and abusive treatment are not covered under this warranty. OUD parts such as strings, pickups, and finish can wear out under normal use, and such use is considered normal wear and tear. Bellying or distortion of the top is also a normal occurrence, and it is also not covered under this warranty. Polish marks may result from exposure to extreme temperature and are considered a result of accidental damage or abusive treatment.


Other examples of accidental damage and abusive treatment are damage caused by strings heavier than MEDIUM gauge; finish damage caused by proximity to plastics, leather dyes, and other caustic materials; damage caused by extreme temperature exposure and humidity or impact; and other possible accidental damages.


Damage to an OUD resulting from a delay in presenting a warranty claim will be considered abusive treatment. Damage caused by improper repair or incompetent repairpersons is also regarded as abusive treatment and will terminate warranty coverage.


Incidences of defective workmanship and materials, normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and harsh treatment will be determined at the sole discretion of Nazih Ghadban.


Please promptly contact us with a complete description of any warranty-related problem. Defects covered under this warranty will be corrected without charge to the original owner. All shipping, if any, will be charged on the original owner's account.